Dream Bed Bases 1

Product Details

* 8mm Cover and Chipboard Pattern Painted.
* Electro Static Powder Coated.
* Stainless steel construction is used in internal parts.
* Locking system in open position; scissor and shock absorber system providing double safety
* Standard base height is 32 cm and 37 cm in total with 5 cm feet.
* These heights can be revised upon request.
* Rich Leather, Fabric and Horse Feather Alternative
* It has an ergonomic appearance.
* The slats on the base cover are made of hornbeam wood at a temperature of 300 degrees.
* The slats are 6 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick.
* Due to the stretching feature of the slats on the bed distributes the weight.
* The slats distribute the weight evenly. Therefore, the comfort of your mattress increases and its lifetime is prolonged.
* You dream and we will realize it…

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